About us

At Sifsaf.com we passionate about health care and baby care products even more passionate about earning the trust of our costumers
We believe in the significant of long term partnership precisely why our products, costumers, association and employees have been our long standing allies and will remain with us in our march towards a bigger and brighter tomorrow
Sifsaf.com the first health care provider products in the Jordan market.


One stop shop for medical products


  1. Providing all the medical products and supplies that the consumer needs for his family for a healthier and more comfortable life.
  2. To be the primary trusted source of medical information for the products and supplies through our medical and pharmaceutical experts.
  3. Building confidence with the consumer by providing real feedback on products and supplies.
  4. Providing the best international products and supplies at a competitive price without any additional costs for shipping or storage.


To be the first site in the Middle East in the trade and marketing of all medical products and supplies.

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